Zoo Animals Matching Game

Who's Who at the Zoo? Find out now in this wonderful kids' app by 100 Things!

Come and play Hide and Seek with the animals at the zoo!

The animals are waiting for you to find them in this great kids’ app. And what’s more, you have to find two of them!zoo-ipad3

Your child will absolutely love this matching game that brings their fascination with animals together with a fun way to test their memory. There are 3 levels of difficulty to keep your child entertained as they get better at matching. The amazing photos and easy to use interface mean your child can play this app by themselves or you can both join in the game of hide and seek.

And, for more wonderful pictures of animals, we highly recommend you check out the 100 Zoo Animals Picture Book!

The Zoo Animals Matching Game can be played on iPhone or iPad.

Come and see if you can find the King of the Jungle keeping an eye on his kingdom or the Panda eating bamboo. But be quick! They might just go and hide again…

The app features:

  • No advertising, and no in-app purchases
  • Three Levels of Difficulty
  • Sound Effects and Awards

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Take a look at some screenshots to see how the app will look on your device! (iPad version above).