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100 Trucks
100 Planes
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100 Trains
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Trucks Matching Game App
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100 Things Apps for Toddlers

The curiosity of children is insatiable. When it comes to things they like, kids want more and more information. With 100 Things, they get it!

Our picture book and video apps for kids feature 100 stunning photos and realistic sounds of things children love. Small stories and amazing videos are also featured in some apps to add to the play and learning experience.

And, unlike many other developers of apps for kids, 100 Things says NO to third party advertising in apps used by small children. Taking it even further, in-app purchases are now eliminated from 100 Things apps. You pay a small price for the app, and get ALL of the great content these apps have to offer. No surprises, no accidents and no unhappy children (or parents!).


  • 100 Diggers brings noisy, dirty, big machines to life for kids who love to dig.
  • 100 Zoo Animals gets kids up closer than ever before to exotic animals  from all over the world.
  • 100 Planes takes your child flying high into the sky with these fascinating mechanical birds.
  • 100 Trains creates a wonderful railroad experience by showing modern and historical trains in beautiful settings.
  • 100 Farm Animals lets your child talk to the animals where they live.
  • 100 Tools shows hard working tools in action doing a variety of important jobs.
  • 100 Trucks helps kids learn about the great variety of trucks out there and what they do to help us.

These apps are so easy that children can play alone. But they also offer an opportunity for parents and grandparents to share their own experiences of these amazing everyday machines and animals from close to home and far away.


100 Things also offers Matching Games that feature some of our favourite friends from the apps above.

Check out the Diggers Matching Game App, the Zoo Animals Matching Game App and the Planes Matching Game App.

Each app offers 3 levels of difficulty, making sure children of any age can play and develop their matching skills. Adults can try too under child supervision!

Many of our apps are used when traveling with your kids. Check out our sister blog Resorts 4 Kids too.
Download 100 Things Picture Books and Matching Games for unique and fun learning experiences for your child today!