Planes Matching Game App

Which plane is which? Find out in this Planes Matching Game by 100 Things!

Can you remember what plane you saw last? Try this fun matching game and test your ability to remember!


This fun and educational app combines your child’s love of planes with the challenge of matching. Whether they are trying to find a jumbo jet flying high in the air or a grounded glider, your child will enjoy the beautiful photos and the game itself. It’s such an easy to use app that your child will be able to explore the skies for themselves or they may let you sit in as co-pilot!

Three levels of the game enable your child to keep playing after they have mastered the first. The Planes Matching Game app keeps curious hands and minds busy while travelling or just for fun. If your child is wanting more great plane pictures, they can find them in the 100 Planes Picture Book App.

This app can be played on both iPhone and iPad.

Help your child build their memory and concentration skills today with the Planes Matching Game!

The app features:

  • No Ads
  • Three Levels of Difficulty
  • Sound Effects and Awards

4.0 stars on App Store

Planes Matching Game AppApp Store4.0

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Take a look at some screenshots to see how the app will look on your device! (iPad version above).