100 Tools

Bang! Bang! Bang! Goes the Hammer. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Goes the Saw. Check them out in 100 Tools!


Get your safety goggles on and your workbench ready. It’s tool time!

The 100 Tools app offers your child the biggest and best toolbox out there! Screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and all sorts of hammers feature in this entertaining, interactive app for children. Kids also learn more about helpers who make sure tools do their jobs properly like the measuring tape and the level. And don’t forget the power tools! Power saws, sanders and electric screwdrivers are all brought to life with stunning photos and real sounds.

Many of these tools can also be seen working hard in 10 tooltastic videos! Check out the ‘two man’ saw trying to cut through a log, hammers banging on a nail and pliers trying to get the nail back out. Safety goggles will definitely be needed with these videos as your kids get  a little too close to the action!

  •  No third party advertising or in app purchasing means you and your child can both fully enjoy the experience of 100 Tools
  • This interactive app is so easy to use children can play by themselves or with an adult

Do you have your work gloves on? It’s time to get back to work with 100 Tools!

The app features:

  • Over 100 Realistic Photos of Tools Being Used
  • 10 Videos of Tools in Use
  • Audio Clips of Tools in Action. Tap the Pictures to Hear the Sound!
  • Simple, Intuitive User Interface
  • 100% Ad Free
  • All Photos Native to the App (No Data Charges)
  • Automatically Display Optimized Photos for iPhone/iPad and Retina Display

Take a look at the screenshots to see how the app will look on your device! (iPad version above).