100 Planes

Aisle or window? Please take your seats and get ready for take off with 100 Planes!

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Planes, jets, control towers and runways! Help your little Pilot learn more about the airport and its friends in this fun and educational app by 100 Things.

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to fly up high with 100 Planes. Private planes, commercial airliners and navy jets all appear in this exciting children’s app. We even get to see the Shuttle having a piggyback through the sky!

Get up close to the Pilot in the cockpit, say hello to the control tower and take yourself down the runway. This educational kids’ app features fantastic photos, real sounds and outstanding videos that put you close to the flying action.

Your child will really enjoy seeing the different types of planes that take to our skies at night and during the day.  Wings, propellers, control panel! Amazing close up shots also show you the various parts of an airplane inside and out.

  • No third party advertising or in app purchasing means you and your child can both fully enjoy the experience of 100 Planes
  • This interactive app is so easy to use children can play by themselves or with an adult

Get this app today and avoid the high cost of flying lessons!

The app features:

  • Over 100 Stunning Aircraft Photos
  • 18 Videos of Planes
  • Awesome Audio Clips of Planes in Action. Tap the Pictures to Hear the Sound!
  • Simple, Intuitive User Interface
  • 100% Ad Free
  • All Photos Native to the App (No Data Charges)
  • Automatically Display Optimized Photos for iPhone/iPad and Retina Display

Take a look at the screenshots above to see how the app will look on your device! (iPad version above).