100 Fruits and Vegetables

Tempt your child to eat the healthy stuff with this wonderful new kids app from 100 Things!

Having trouble getting your child to eat their greens? 100 Fruits and Vegetables is here to help!

Gorgeous, colourful photos will ensure that your child will want to look at each and every one of these yummy fruits and vegetables in this fun kids app. And, when the photo is tapped, your child gets to hear a fun fact!

Your child may know many of the fruit and vegetables but others are an exciting mystery to be revealed in the app  AND in your supermarket cart next the next time you are in the produce aisle.

This interactive app is so easy to use children can play by themselves or with an adult. Bring it with you on your iPad or iPhone next time you go shopping!

  • No third party advertising or in app purchasing means you and your child can both fully enjoy the experience of 100 Fruits and Vegetables

Enjoy the beauty of the wonderful things we can eat in 100 Fruits and Vegetables!